Traced back to the 15th century, the daily rituals around coffee continue to inspire modern trends from state-of-the-art technology, experimental flavour pairings and brewing methods. From coffee capitals across the globe, this historical elixir of energy continues to evolve with new ways to brew, drink and enjoy.

Photo: Jesse Milns




Traditionally served warm, coffee connoisseurs are leading a new wave of iced, cold, coffee. This is especially true for lovers of The Cold Brew; a nitro-infused cold coffee beverage served on tap at some of the world’s most renowned coffee shops. Shaking up the possibilities, baristas are getting creative with coffee cocktails, shakes, sodas – even draft beer. Take a look at Stumptown Coffee and see for yourself:

Maple Sugar Latte (photo: Toby’s Estate Coffee)



Not too long ago, it was hard to find sugar, let alone sweetener at a popular café. Now more than ever, coffee lovers are craving coffee sweetness. Forget the sugar parade in Starbucks, the real coffee experts are getting creative with signature drinks to set aside their menus from a competition with a hint of sweetness that won’t overpower the quality coffee taste. Dare you to try the Maple Sage Latte at Toby’s Estate in Williamsburg:

Photo: Brian Legate




Goodbye drip, hello espresso. The modern coffee lover knows more than the average Joe about espresso. Watch baristas carefully as they pull the perfect shot of espresso; because customers are paying attention. Espresso is all the rage, from Italy, North America and beyond. The difference now being: people want to taste the difference in their coffee. With so much more information readily available, it’s no surprise that the God Shot (the perfect espresso) is finally taking the spotlight.




Believe it or not, water is one of the most important ingredients in coffee. An understated ingredient in coffee drinks far and wide, the conversation is on the water and people are interested to learn more. That means coffee experts are adament on setting the right water temperature and filtering water to its purest. Don’t be surprised if “TSD” comes up in conversations about water more than once, it’s short for “Total Solids Dissolved”.




Crowd sourcing confidence for new menus, the experts are turning to customers to get the final say on new coffee creations. Tasting Rooms are collaborative spaces between brewmasters and clients; designated for experimental coffee tastings and food pairings. Fly to Talahassee, Florida and check out Lucky Goat’s tasting room here:

Photo: Mad-Englishman




In the new era of seasonal menus, specialty drinks and God Shots, the baristas role is more important than ever. A role once considered a simple server, the barista is now a master of mixology; a professional who knows how to ensure consistency from drink to drink. From pulling the perfect espresso shot to steaming the milk just right, the role of the barista will continue to gain greater visibility as coffee trends continue to flourish across the globe. Take a look at this year’s World Barista Championships held in Dublin, Ireland:

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