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At Tokyo Smoke, we’re anonymously chatting with our friends, café dwellers and extended creative community about their Cannabis habits over the course of the week. From strains to supplies, anecdotes and advice, the outcome is always interesting.

This week we’re shadowing a 35-year-old, male real estate agent who swears by his PAX2.


I live in the east end and the dispensary I used was one of the ones that was raided a couple months back. I now drive to the west end on the weekends where I’ve joined what feels like the classiest dispensary I’ve seen. It’s meticulously clean, almost elegant I guess? I purchase AK-47 and then have brunch on a local patio.

Tuesday morning

I’ve been working out in the morning and am going to miss it when it stops getting light so early. My ritual has become the gym, hit the Pax, shower and get ready for the day. I love it. By 9am I feel productive but chill.

Tuesday afternoon

I’ve been driving an engaged couple around today (and for a few weeks), looking at condos. I completely respect how significant buying real estate is, it’s my business, and I would never push anyone into a purchase they weren’t ecstatic about. But these two don’t know what they want, which makes giving them what they want a bit of a challenge. I give them a moment to discuss amongst themselves at the fourteenth unit we’ve looked at overall. It’s out last stop of the day so I discretely hit the PAX while I’m outside waiting for them.

Wednesday night

My friends and I decide to go to the Jays game at the last minute and buy shitty tickets for the 500 level. People don’t realize you can bring in your own food, but we’re stocked and have take out from Barque Smokehouse which is near my buddy’s place. And my PAX, obviously. The beers we buy at the game and it’s a great summer night.

Thursday night

I’ve been seeing someone in a casual way. We go for drinks, walk through the park, smoke a joint she’s brought. It’s nice to have a compatible habit with someone. We’re both pretty chill about it.

Friday afternoon

Debating replacing my PAX. Still works fine but I bought a red one. Not as discrete as I’d like. Make west end plans for tomorrow, when I’ll swing by my dispensary again.

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